I am frequently asked what supplements I take for hormone & thyroid regulation. While I am happy to share where I get my products from and what they are, I am NOT telling you this is what you need. Please check with your doctor first.

  • Daily Nutritional Support (Chocolate): 15g protein, all essential minerals, electrolytes and vitamins you need daily! Delicious with unsweetened vanilla cashew milk or in smoothie.
  • Daily Thyroid Support
  • Adrenal Soothe:
  • Magnesium:
  • Omega 3:
  • Probiotic:
  • Ovasitol: An inositol powder formulated to promote menstrual regularity and normal ovarian function.
  • My Binto
    • This will allow you to take a quiz to see what supplements would be best for you! I get a prenatal, Algae Oil Omega 3, & NAC through them. Mailed each month and put into individual packets so it’s easy for you to take!