My Thyroid Story

Background: In April of 2019 I was diagnosed with having mild hypothyroidism after seeing a functional medicine doctor. I had low T4/ no T3, low hormones, low HCL, and had not received a period for years. Since then I have been on and off thyroid medication, added in many supplements to my diet, changed my…


My daily supplement regimen as suggested per my unique blood and hormone panels.

Charleston’s Healthy Eats:

Almost all healthy menu items: (serving mostly plant based, local menu options) Basic Kitchen Verde Eucalyptus Wellness (Mt. Pleasant) Huriyali Harold’s Cabin Gnome Cafe The Daily  Dellz Deli Hustle  Five Loaves (salads, soups, veggie burger) Butcher & Bee Harbinger Cafe Edmund’s Oast (on the pricier side — have meat and tons of vegan options)

My Experience with Intermittent Fasting

Disclaimer: I’m not shaming or denying there are benefits to Intermittent Fasting. I am just raising awareness that we’re all unique and not every wellness trend works for everyone at a given point in time. There are a LOT of factors to consider and not overlook when considering making changes to your daily life! I…