After being diagnosed mild hypothyrodism and having an irregular period, I started taking a multitude of supplements. While I was annoyed at first to have to 1. pay for all of these and 2. remember to take them multiple times a day, I saw a tremendous increase in my energy levels when I diligently took them.

Please note, I am not your doctor and your needs could be tremendously different from mine. I’m just sharing what I have been taking and where I get my products in case you need some of the same items or just want to know where to look! Please get your own unique lab tests to know what you really want. As always send me any questions you have!

Daily Supplements from Equilibrium Nutrition: (AKA founded by Stephen Cabral from the Cabral Concept Podcast which is one of my favorites)

  • Daily Thyroid Support: I take 2 in the morning and 2 at night. Helps for thyroid regulation by increasing minerals and vitamins those w/ hypo tend to lack
  • Adrenal Soothe: I take 1 at lunch and 1 at dinner. It’s good for anyone dealing with a lot of stress, anxiety, low mood, and poor sleep.
  • Magnesium: I take 2 an hour before bed. MG is great for regulating sleep and mental clarity, muscle relaxation, blood pressure, bone formation, protein synthesis and antioxidant production.
  • Probiotic: I take 1 a day. Saccharomyces boulardii is a health-promoting, probiotic yeast
  • Celery Juice: Not a supplement, but I saw the most immediate and beneficial digestion changes once I incorporated this juice daily May of 2019. A lot of people with thyroid issues have low HCL (as I did). The juice caused a tremendous increase in my bowel movements, more so than any probiotic (and I had been on one for years) has ever done. Also feel a burst of energy, better skin, and less bloated from it! I linked my juicer.
  • Daily Nutritional Support: (Chocolate) This is NOT part of my day to day regimen, but I do use this 3-4 times a week in a smoothie as my plant based source of protein. It is tasty, and has all electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals you need daily! It’s basically a multivitamin in powder form with protein! One of the cleanest out there you will find.
  • Turmeric Supplements: I take Turmeric most days of the week. There are so many anti inflammatory benefits and more to daily consuming turmeric.

My Binto:  Subscription based company (founded by one of my college friends, go Hoos!) that provides a personalized organic, vegan, gluten-free supplement plan. I indicated my questionnaire that I have a long cycle (get my period every 35-50 days), history of hormonal imbalance and previous thyroid problems. My test resulted in the following supplements:

  • Algae Oil Omega 3 | DHA/EPA (it’s vegetarian)
  • BINTO prenatal (x2)
  • NAC (antioxidant that is good for hormonal balance, ovulatory function, and supports uterine health)

My Port and Polish pillbox provides a cute discreet way for me to. travel daily with my supplements! (Note I put in all my equilibrium supplements for the day in this box. This does not include my Binto supplements. It is not a purchase for multiple pills / day use. Each day box can fit about 4-5 supplements depending on their size)

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