LOco for Hylo

In short: this classes greatly surpassed my expectations! Nothing negative to say about it!



I took my first “Lo” class on an early Wednesday Morning. I was up earlier than my alarm so snuck in a quick 2 mile run to warm up before the class. (Confession: I was worried the low intensity class might not feel like a real workout — which was NOT the case)

When I walked in, the Hy class was going on downstairs and was blasting their awesome playlist. Since I had a bit of time, I got a great rundown from our instructor, Liz,  of what the Lo would be like and a tour of the upstairs studio room.


Unlike any other class I’ve been to, Hylo performs many of their Lo workouts on a juvo Board. You could describe it as a wobbly surfboard. The juvo board adds the elements of finding and maintaining balance and stability to your workout, making everything a little bit harder and requiring a mind-body connection.

We started off with a few yoga poses (at least I think they were… I never do yoga) on the juvo board. This helped warm up our body and elongate it before moving into the more strength based portion. After this we were instructed to pick up dumbell for the arm portion of the workout. I grabbed a pair of 5 lb and 3 lb just in case I needed to switch.


(note the picture above was taken when I tried a Hylo class at lulu lemon)

If you’ve ever been to Pure Barre, the arm workout was almost exactly the same except it was on the juvo board, adding an extra component of stabilization to it! My arms were shaking and burning 4 minutes in.  We also did normal and tricep pushups on the bar on the juvo board. Between last nights Hy arm workout and this morning, I could literally feel my arms hardening and toning.

Next came legs. Legs involved weighted hip thrusters (both slow and pulsing) on the juvo board bar (omg my glutes), squats on and off of the board, lunges (pulsing and slow leg raised lunges) on the board, and other small isolated movements. My glutes were screaming and my legs got more sore as the day progressed, in a good way!



From there we did about 10 minutes of abs, a few more push ups, and other yoga variation poses. I genuinely might be forgetting part of the workout, it flew by but felt SO effective. The best thing about it was that rather than feel completely depleted of energy, I felt invigorated when I left. We ended the workout with some deep stretches on the board. I left on such a high. I haven’t felt this impressed, excited, and awesome after a workout in a while! I think it’s because I went into it with low expectations that I would be impatient the whole time wanting it to be over (this is usually what happens to me when I try to do yoga, etc). But this was perfect.

At the end of class, Liz said that all the lo classes switch days between strength, functional, and restorative workouts. The other equipment located in the lo room involves weighted versa bars, bosu balls, and foam rollers. I also found out that Hylo designs the Hy and lo classes to complement each other. So, if you go to a Hy class, the lo class that same day complements it. Every lo class flow is also different, so if you find yourself in a Lo strength day, your workout may not follow this same regimen.

Honestly, the Lo class today was my selling point. I need to do more low intensity classes. It’s something I have been trying to get myself to do for years but always make excuses or never get around to it. The fact that Hylo offers both a high intensity class that I love and  a low intensity class that I need, under one roof, and with times that allow you to go back to back, makes my life easy. Not to mention everyone’s playlist that I have heard so far is awesome and that is huge for me. I don’t have patience for bad music especially when trying to push myself. I was so excited about the class today I came home and wrote this post as fast as I could because I need to spread the word around! GO TRY HYLO!

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