Pre Whole 30 Thoughts

What I predict to find most difficult during Whole 30:

  1. Black Coffee: I do NOT enjoy black coffee. I just don’t.  My AM work routine consists of either getting the office coffee and adding a stevia packet, or treating myself to Starbucks for a soy misto or cappucino. While I drink that cup of coffee I usually catch up on emails, plan my day, and get my mind ready for what’s ahead. Black coffee just doesn’t do it for me and this morning ritual might not be as enjoyable as it was pre Whole 30.
  2. Turkey Sandwiches: I LOVE a good turkey sandwich. I will most definitely miss these throughout all of Whole 30. Enough Said.
  3. Alcohol: Luckily most of my closest friends are detoxing in some way that involves not drinking for the month of January. I am SUPER thankful for this so I won’t be tempted to go out or feel FOMO. I’m not a daily drinker but 2-3 nights of the week you’ll tend to find me with some kind of alcoholic drink in hand.
  4. Free Samples: It may seem silly, but my favorite part of going to the grocery store is getting free samples. Unless it’s fruit, the dessert, bread, hummus dip, and meat trays will be off limits at harris teeter.
  5. Gum: This is something I will miss doing after lunch and sometimes breakfast but I know in the long run will help. Currently, if I start chewing gum I will replace the stick of gum as soon as the original loses flavor. This has lead to headaches, stomach pains, and even a sore jaw at times. It’s nice to get a refreshing taste after a meal but hopefully I can learn to never want it again.

What I did to Prep:

  1. read the Whole 30 book
  2. Visited the Following Sites:
  3. Planned out a Weeks Worth of Food
  4. Went to Trader Joes & Whole Foods
  5. Went to Complete Nutrition and got an in body test so I could compare my before and after weight and body fat %.
  6. Had one last carb filled meal at Obstinate Daughter filled with frites, gnocchi, an IPA, and mussels!

Honestly I’m really looking forward to this experience and sharing it with all of you!

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