Why Whole 30?

After reading the book and countless blog testimonials I have decided to go on my first Whole 30 in hopes of the following results:

  1. Decrease / Rid my seasonal allergies: Since I’ve moved to Charleston,  I have to wake up and take a dose of Flonase and Claritin every.single.morning. Sure it helps, but I can’t believe that it is totally healthy for me to take these medications every day. he Whole 30 book was full of testimonials of individuals suffering from chronic allergies who no longer even experienced seasonal symptoms after completing the thirty day lifestyle change. Seriously hoping this happens to me but don’t fully expect it.
  2. Improve Muscle Definition: I do my fair share of workouts most days of the the week. Between Orangetheory, spin classes, the occasional outdoor 3-5 mile runs, and strength training you would think I’d show a six pack. Sure I’m “in shape” and my stomach is somewhat toned, but between my love of wine, IPAs, and letting myself go on my hangover days, I can’t necessarily say I see the results I want. Although the Whole 30 claims to not be about weight loss, I’m curious to see if any abs hiding decide to make an appearance after the next 30 days. Is this vain? Sure. But let’s be honest we’re all looking to see some improvement in our image (both mentally and physically) after 30 days of eating real food.
  3. Stop Craving Sugar: My office is full of temptations almost every day of every week. Between donuts, cookies, or chocolate from the candy bowl on the 4th floor, Im surrounded by sweets almost all the time. I’ll start out the work day telling myself its mind over matter and to avoid the unnecessary dessert after lunch, but once 3 pm hits anyone eating a doughnut, cookie, or candy becomes an enabler and I give in once again. I am hoping that after these 30 days I can lose my sweet cravings and be better about saying no.
  4. Get in the habit of cooking: My family is full of wonderful chefs. Whenever my fiance and I are back in Washington D.C. he always asks me why after being exposed to the benefits of a home cooked meal growing up, I don’t try and mirror it at least a few times a week back where we live. Whole 30 will require me to be in the kitchen for almost all of my meals. I’m hoping this forces me to be creative in my recipes and finally learn to enjoy cooking and find it therapeutic (I’m hoping, not promising). 

I could go on and on with more reasons but here is just the beginning. We’ll see how this all goes!

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